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 Stereo Headphone Driver with Volume Controller (soft step) IC
 3 Stereo(1 quasi-differential) Inputs With Gain 0~+15dB
 Stereo Audio Volume Controller With Soft Steps
 Class AB Headphone Driver
 Low voltage,  Low power consumption
 Low voltage 2.5~6.5V
 Excellent PSRR

16-Bit Stereo Audio DAC integrated HP Driver with Volume Control


Operation range: 2.7V~6.5V
Volume control range : 6dB to íV39dB, 1.5dB/step
Mute function
Flexibility power management
Audio format : Right justified, I2S
Serial control interface : I2C
Output voltage adjusted by the external resisters
Excellent Power Supply Rejection Ratio(PSRR)
Component less
Housed in SSOP16, QFN16 package
4 Stereo Inputs / 1 Stereo Output Audio Processor

Operation range : 2.7V~6.5V
4 stereo inputs with selectable input gain
2 independent speaker controls for balance
Tone controls (treble and bass)
loudness function
Independent mute function
Volume control in 1.25 dB/step
I2C interface
Components less and good PSRR
Housed in SOP28, SSOP28 packages
3 Stereo inputs / 2W PA output with Volume Control


Operation range : 2.4~6.5V
Dual 2W PA at 5V
3 stereo inputs
Headphone Sense
Shutdown function
Volume -77.5dB~21dB
Housed in TSSOP20 packages
Volume Controller With Soft-Step IC

Operation range: 2.5V~6.5V.
Soft step volume: +15dB ~ íV79dB.
Input Gain: 0dB ~ +15dB.
Low power consumption.
Good PSRR and low pop noise.
I2C interface.
Housed in 10 pin MSOP package.
Dual 16-bit Stereo Audio DAC

Operation range: 2.5V~6.5V
Excellent Power Supply Rejection Ratio(PSRR)
Low operating current
Low power consumption 8mW at VDD=3.3V (Full scale output )
The minimum HIGH voltage of digital clocks (WS,DATA and BCK)and the control inputs can be 1.8V at Vdd = 5V
Audio FormatíGI2S(MS6324) Right Justified(MS6326)
Housed in SOP8, MSOP8, DFN8 packages
16-bit Stereo Audio DAC integrated Dual 1.6W Power Amplifiers

Operation range : 2.4~6.5V
Dual 1.6W PA
Low Voltage
Low Power Consumption
Flexibility Power Management
Mute Function
Format: I2S, Right justified, Left justified
Control Interface : I2C
Housed in TSSOP16 packages
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