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16-bit Stereo Audio DAC integrated Dual 1.6W Power Amplifiers

Low Voltage, Low Power Consumption
Flexibility Power Management
Audio format : I2S, Right justified, Left justified
Control Interface : I2C


 Block Diagram
 Application Circuit

¡EOperation range: 2.4V~6.5V
¡E16-bit resolution audio DAC
¡EOutput mode : Speaker( BTL)/Headphone(SE)
¡EOutput power
    RL=4£[, 1.6W at 5V, 0.70W at 3.3V, 340mW at 2.4V
    RL=8£[, 0.83W at 5V, 0.35W at 3.3V, 170mW at 2.4V
¡ESE Output power, THD+N<0.1%
    RL=32£[, 46mW at 5V, 20mW at 3.3V, 10mW at 2.4V
¡EAudio format : I2S, Right justified, Left justified
¡EControl interface : I2C
¡EExcellent Power Supply Rejection Ratio(PSRR)
¡EFlexibility power management
¡EComponent less
¡EReduce pop noise circuit
¡EHoused in TSSOP16(enhanced thermal PAD) package
¡EMultimedia system
¡EPortable Digital Audio
The MS6336 is a 16-bits voltage-output Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) integrated class AB stereo headphone driver and stereo speaker power amplifier. It can drive 1.6W of continuous average power into a dual 4£[ bridged-tied (BTL) speaker or 2 * 46mW into stereo 32£[ single ended (SE) headphone. The 16-bit DAC supports popular formats as I2S, Right Justified, and Left Justified. All of the functions are set by I2C interface.

The MS6336 has good features for portable equipment, including wide voltage operation 2.4V ~ 6.5V, low power consumption, flexible power management, component less, make the MS6336 ideally suitable for use in the portable digital audio equipments.
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